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Packing Food in Boxes

Help Us Reach Our Goal

We aim to provide for the homeless who require daily essentials


Get to Know Us

We are fundraising for hygiene kits for the homeless because we have a deep sense of empathy and compassion for those experiencing homelessness. We recognize that access to basic hygiene items is often limited for individuals living on the streets, and we want to make a positive impact by addressing this issue.

Our Goals & Projects

Helping homeless with basic necessities

Donation Jar


First Step

Our first mission is to fundraise enough for our current and future projects. Make Sure to Click the Donate button to contribute to this journey. We are aiming to reach $2,000 dollars by the end of Summer! Let's make this happen! Spread the fundraiser!

Bath Accessories


Hygiene Kits

With our donations, we plan on purchasing and distributing hygiene kits to the homeless. Hygiene is not just about cleanliness but also about preserving dignity and self-esteem. By providing hygiene kits, you aim to empower homeless individuals to feel more confident, improve their overall well-being, and potentially enhance their chances of securing employment or accessing other essential services.

Bag of Groceries

Food Drive

Final Goal

Our final goal is to plan a food drive, requiring passionate volunteers and more donations to help fund the supply. 

Holding Hands

Every Street Corner

Engage & Influence

Sketchy City
Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Empower & Succeed​


Amaan, Dublin,CA

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